What to Expect

Inkoff.me’s doors are open at Salon Cuvee in East Sacramento!  Our new Quanta laser specializes in colors and is awesome!

When you call or email us for an appointment, we’ll work with you to find a time that will work with your schedule.  Your first appointment will take about 30 minutes. Our nurses perform a skin assessment and ask about your medical history. You also can ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. If you want numbing cream, the nurse applies it and you wait about 20 minutes for it to take effect.

The laser procedure generally takes only a few minutes.  It feels like rubber bands hitting your skin but it is over quickly.  We give you ice to keep on it and ask you to continue icing it off and on for the next 24 hours.  You’ll also need to keep it out of the sun or use sunscreen between sessions.  If you follow the aftercare instructions, you greatly reduce the risk of scarring.

The next time you come, you can apply the numbing cream before you leave the house and we perform the laser procedure right away. In and out quick!

Remember- it may take 3-4 sessions to really see the fading. It depends on the tattoo, ink, and your body.

Make an appointment today and call us with any questions! (916) 600-4428

Laser Genesis

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Inkoff.me is not only about helping our patients remove and fade their tattoos. Did you know that in addition to our Quanta laser that does our tattoo removal, we are lucky enough to have a Cutera laser that works miracles in a totally different way.  This laser specializes in laser hair removal, vascular therapy, and our new favorite treatment, Laser Genesis.

What is laser genesis and why should you be as excited as us? Well, laser genesis helps treat conditions of the skin that are associated with aging and sun damage.  Laser genesis helps promote vibrant and healthy looking skin for both men and women.  This process is a non-invasive laser treatment to safely and effectively treat fine line wrinkles, diffuse redness and lighten scars.

Our patients have been so excited and pleased with the results of their treatments.  Crystal has had her second treatment and she says, “I cannot believe how much my acne scars have faded! I’m finally comfortable with not wearing heavy foundation everyday.  I can’t wait to see the result after my forth treatment!”

Not only can we change lives by removing unwanted tattoos, but we can help men and women of all ages feel more comfortable and more beautiful in their own skin.  Call us for an assessment and a consultation to see if Laser Genesis is right for you! You can also get more info by clicking our “Laser Genesis” tab or calling 916-600-4428.


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At Inkoff.me we do laser tattoo removal. May not seem like that  big of a deal to some people, but to a few people in our community it is life changing. We have helped hundreds of folks in the Sacramento area remove tattoos that are gang or hate related off of their hands, faces, and necks.

You may not realize how much a visible tattoo may hinder someone’s chances of getting a job. We really encourage people that may have these “job-stoppers” to come and see us. We interviewed our patient Mike and he said that “it means a lot to have Inkoff.me remove the tattoos because it doesn’t endanger his family having tattoos on his face. I’m a family man and I work and I want to conduct myself in a more professional way.”

People who are no longer involved in the gangs or affiliated with their tattoos come to us to try and remove their past and start over with their future. Having a gang tattoo really can hold you back from getting a job, feeling comfortable in social settings, and so much more. Here at Inkoff.me we want to help their self esteem rise by helping them start fresh!

End-of-Summer Brightening

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Laser Genesis brown spot removal and fade

Summer isn’t over quite yet, but man does my skin feel like it needs a little love.  I wear sunscreen ever day, but I still feel like my skin needs a little boost! How about you? Well, if you are in my boat, I have a great product to help brighten that summer kissed skin.

Simply Brilliant from CosMedix is a wonderful around the clock brightener. It is a gentle yet powerful serum that helps create a more even toned brightness without using harsh products like Hydroquinone.  This serum has 10 plant based brightening ingredients that are used specifically for the skin. This product helps reduce the look of dark spots and discoloration while it also helps new spots from popping up! It is gentle enough to use everyday.  And for an added boost, mix with CosMedix Pure C! Remember to always wear your sunscreen! We recommend Reflect!

How Simply Brilliant can help you:

  • Lightens and brightens the skin’s appearance
  • Balances uneven tone and stimulates renewal
  • Exfoliates away uneven areas
  • Fights free radical damage

See you later, tattoo

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Erasing The Past, One Tattoo At A Time

I met Chris and his team at Inkoff.me almost two years ago while I was working at a salon he was renting from to do his laser tattoo removal work. I fell in love with the idea of what he was doing with his company. From  all his charity work to all his patients who would come in and seem so grateful to have this treatment offered to help them start over or erase a mistake. It was fascinating.

I have a few tattoos, which I love, except one. I have these four crescent moons on my ankle that are usually mistaken as backwards C’s, pac-man, shrimp, even toenails. I hate it! So when I met Chris I was really excited at the idea of possibly being able to remove this tattoo and not have to deal with explaining what it is to everyone who sees it!


I did my researched, talked to some of his patients, read the reviews, and of course talked with Chris. When I was finally done asking questions and ready to start the long process that is laser tattoo removal, I was surprised.  I was surprised at how quick the treatment was and how well I tolerated the pain (mostly because it was so fast; a few seconds more and I would be feeling it!) The nurse was very gentle and walked me through the entire process. And just like that, treatment one was under my belt.

Here I am now almost a year later and 6 treatments down.  (You have to wait 2 months in between each treatment, so it can take some time.) My tattoo is more than half way gone and I could not be happier.  I look forward to each treatment and watching as it slowly fades and fades away! I am counting the days until I can be a before and after model! I am thinking about 2-3 more treatments and I should be pac-man free!

Sometimes I wonder if I had never met Chris if I would have looked into getting this tattoo removed. I am grateful for meeting Chris for many reasons, and getting this thing off my ankle is just the start!