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March 9, 2016

5 star rating
I should be the poster child for “don’t get tattoos when you’re young and stupid”. 

Ink off me is very flexible and friendly. The fact that they can text makes it easy for me to arrange appointments. They are friendly, great, and knowledgeable. They make a sucky process of getting your poor life choices removed better. I’ve been to other centers and Ink Off Me is the best of the best.They are patient and kind with he process and make you feel comfortable.
For all the people upset with the process or the results here’s the ugly truth. Laser tattoo removal is NOT fun. It hurts. Its a long process. It’s just not a good time. But totally amazing and with every penny. LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY! Buy the packages. Don’t be hero or tough guy, get the numbing cream. As the treatments go on it’s going to get ugly. You’re going to have different reactions each time. However the way I look at it as I’m sitting here with a burning thigh as I’m typing this is that’s how I know the laser actually did its job (ok yeah I should have listened and iced more). Take pictures for yourself to see the process if you ever feel discouraged. It will pay off. I’m on session 5 for one tattoo and session 4 for another. I’ll update with new sessions!

So worth it. I can’t wait to be able to wear a swimsuit in confidence without people seeing my bad decisions and am grateful that Ink Off Me is making this possible!